Sunday, 9 September 2012

Come make STEPS with me!

The overwhelming response I have had from my blog so far have been the little changes that you are starting to think about to improve your and your families eating habits.  From adding chia seeds to your baked goods, to reading food labels and developing an awareness for brands that contain less additives.

However on the flip side, I know old habits die hard, and changes, although desperately wanted, are often not achieved. Why? Well the answer to that varies from one person to the next, but there seems to be one overarching factor. Too many changes at once!

Most people I know get all 'gung ho' and say 'right, I am going to get healthy'! So they pick the latest diet or read up on what Madonna is eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and try to instantly replicate it. The trouble is, although the best intentions are there, it is information overload and all those changes at once are not sustainable.

Looking back to a year ago, did you have thoughts about what you would 'like' your diet to look like? Did you have intentions to make changes to your diet? Are you sitting here reading this with the realization that nothing really has changed?

In my experience, making small changes one by one, is the best way to achieve your goals. What's that saying?? Something about not looking up the mountain but focusing on each step at a time??!!

Well, here is my idea. If you want to be reading this same time next year, having made multiple dietary changes that are by that stage just your 'way of life', come with me on this (dare I use the overused word) 'journey' to a healthier you! (Wow, I should get into motivational speaking ( ;)

Each fortnight I will disclose a new positive change to focus on for those two weeks. Nothing more and nothing less. By the time the two weeks are up and the next change begins, you will maintain the previous task while adding the new one. Every now and then we'll have a week where we stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the changes we've incorporated thus far, and spend the week focusing on them, before setting off again with a new task. Before you know it, this time next year you would have made many significant changes and your dietary map will look vastly different to that of today!

Please don't mistake this for a weight loss program - its got nothing to do with losing weight (or fixing any medical issues by the way - I'm not a doctor!!). This is about making small changes to maximise your nutrient intake  - the cumulative affect of these small tasks will be a substantial change at its completion!

So I aptly named this the STEPS change program to a better you!

S - small

T - tasks

E - equal

P - permanent

S - success

My goal is for all of us, together, to make this next year count.  It's time to stop thinking you 'should', or 'will'.  I will be using the Mellymaks Facebook page as the driver of this program.  For us all to help each other to stay on track and share how we are achieving each task.

Of course I will still be posting recipes and other tips and information, as I have been doing.  Some of which may even help with each task.

So, without further ado, lets make the first STEP - check out Mellymaks on Facebook for the details.

Invite your friends to 'like' Mellymaks Facebook page and we can all do it together. You and your friends can check in and keep each other on track!


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