Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Apricot and Coconut animals dipped in dark chocolate

Nawwww, now these are just toooooo cute! Hehehe I certainly can't take credit for how adorable these little guys are - the silicone mould can take the bow for that one!  But I felt the need to maximise the potential and whip up something beneficial for the kids.  
I'm sure we all remember eating those apricot and coconut snack bars/slices, touted as healthy and our well meaning parents smiled satisfactorily as we gobbled them down.  Problem is, the sugar and additives in these snacks actually outweigh any benefits from the apricot and coconut, and even these have the sulphur dioxide preservative added which, I don't know about you but I don't fancy my boys consuming this chemical!

Here's a leading brands ingredient list for Apricot and coconut bars.  What do you think?

Sugar, Coconut (42%), Dried Apricots (14%), Maltodextrin (From Wheat), Invert Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Acidity Regulator (330), Natural Colour (160c), Preservatives (202, 220, 224), Wheaten Cornflour (Gluten).

Ok.  Point made I think!

So here is a version that is so simple, quick and 'clean', you won't be able to justify buying them ever again!  
I have used an organic coconut sweet spread from Sprial Foods (not a paid advertisement by the way!).  The ingredients are 'organic coconut, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic coconut nectar'.
I found it next to the coconut milks in Woolworths.  If you don't have this, just replace with coconut oil and rapadura or coconut sugar (qtys below).

Leave the chocolate off if these are for young kids, but if you can't resist, be sure to use a good quality dark chocolate.  If dairy is to be avoided, use a 70-80% dark chocolate, ensuring the ingredients don't contain dairy.  


100g organic dried apricots
100g organic shredded coconut
30g Spiral Foods organic coconut sweet spread (found next to coconut milk section in supermarket). Alternatively use 20g organic coconut oil and 10g rapadura or coconut sugar
100g dark chocolate, melted

Method - Conventional

1.  Place apricots, coconut and coconut spread in food processor and whiz until fine and the oils have started coming out of the coconut.  
2.  Press mix into moulds or small slice tray and refrigerate until hardened (approx 1 hour).
3.  Turn out moulds or slice small squares from tray, dip bottom into melted chocolate and place on a piece of baking paper, choc side down.  
4.  Return to fridge until chocolate hardens.  Store in a container in the fridge.  Enjoy!

Method - Thermomix

1.  Place apricots, coconut and coconut spread in TM bowl and process on speed 7 for approx 45 seconds, or until fine and the oils had started coming out of the coconut.
2.  Follow steps 2-4 above.

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